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"I liken this book to Steve Harvey's."  -A Friend

"I received my book today.  I read your words; I know my journey will  change according to His plan."  -Nadia

"I am really soaking in the messages presented in this book, and believe it will be a blessing to many."  -Ronald

"With You is the next best thing to sitting down with a friend you trust  and love, and having a transparent,  candid, insightful conversation".  -Friend

"With You is inspiration and aspiration so if you desire to read a touching  memoir of living and two lives intersecting, With You lays out a  sincere road map to the discovery of loving  strong, intentionally."  -Lori

"With You is a phenomenal book that highlights key characteristics that can be used to build strong relationships.  This book  is full of quality questions that can help formulate answers as to what you may need  to help sculpt your own outcome and goals within any healthy relationship."  -Ashley


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